Construction Waste Management

WMF will identify the most cost-effective and compliant options for the removal and recycling of all construction waste types.

From pre-site consultation and setup to final sign off, we deliver a one-stop soulution. We work nationwide to supply all types and sizes of waste containers for all waste streams. Regardless of size, type or duration we’ll make sure your waste is removed safely and treated correctly.

Waste Management Facilities provides a waste removal service that is cost-effective and which maximises recycling levels. In-depth reporting monitors all waste streams, volumes and recycling percentages for each site both individually and for your entire group.

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Supporting Your Site

Working For You

To ensure best practices for any new site, WMF will discuss current arrangements, cost and contractual obligations. This information will then be securely stored to enable us to find the most cost-effective alternative service to maximise recycling levels and reduce costs.

Customer Support

Once the services package has been agreed and implemented, then regular customer care contact will be maintained with Site. A central telephone number will be marketed throughout the group to provide fast access to the answers and help needed for any project, new or existing.

Client Portal

Access to our bespoke, secure, cloud based portal is available to our clients. Here you can view the disposal details and reports on the waste, quantities for landfill and recycling for all your sites. Regular site visits will be maintained with site managers and local representatives.

Waste Transfer Notes WTN

For each waste movement we ensure the correct WTN documentation is kept and available as proof of movement. Each site is notified of any new legislation that relates to their waste, and will be contacted if any necessary amendments need to be made to their services.

Partner Assessment

Waste Management Facilities appraises each of our working partners thoroughly. This ensures that the services they provide are legally compliant and that all recycling and waste processing is carried out to the highest possible standard.

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Waste Management Facilities starts with your goals. From waste reduction and recycling to in-depth reporting and legal compliance, we create waste management solutions that benefit our clients and the environment.

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