We supply cost effective and legally compliant waste solutions to a complete range of house builders from National Companies to one off projects. Our philosophy is simple; we deliver the right service for the best possible price.

Our range of Waste Management Services include specific waste stream management such as Plasterboard or WEEE Waste through to complete project management with strategic waste segregation and even onsite recycling options.

Building more than just houses

We work with some of the most innovative companies in the UK; offering a range of alternative waste solutions for the House Building Industry.

Researching and developing new and exciting waste management opportunities, including implementing our 6Rs Waste Management System, to drive down unit waste costs and reduce the environmental impact of the development.

Key Services

Accurate Waste Costings

WMF can call on years of fully audited data to accurately identify the cost per unit of waste management on almost any housing development.

Combining the correct waste segregation and reuse with the right containers for removal and transport, we can ensure we offer the very best value for money waste management.

Reporting by Site, Area, Group or Company Wide

The WMF bespoke, Cloud Based software can produce a suite of reports tailored to our clients individual requirements. These reports can either be emailed on a pre-agreed basis or produced by the client via the online Portal.

The Reports criteria can be to a very specific level. Accurately reflecting how much of which waste was removed at what cost. Our system records the breakdown of waste from mixed containers. This enables us to build up a profile of the Waste Management on a Site. This enables you to tailor the waste solution and ensure the most cost effective decisions are being made.

Accountability Across all Trades

WMF can monitor the individual waste streams leaving site. This enables us to report on how much of each material was removed. This level of control allows our clients to identify any anomalies occurring on their sites. The ability to compare and contrast estimates against actuals and investigate accordingly drives down costs and increases accountability.

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Waste Management Facilities starts with your goals. From waste reduction and recycling to in-depth reporting and legal compliance, we create waste management solutions that benefit our clients and the environment.

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