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Commercial Waste Management.

Waste Management Facilities offers a complete range of Site Waste Management services.

From pre-site consultation and setup to final sign off Waste Management Facilities can supply a one stop shop. We work throughout the UK supplying all types and sizes of waste containers for all waste streams. Regardless of size, waste type or duration our experience ensures our clients waste is removed safely and treated correctly.

Waste Management Facilities establish a waste removal service for our clients which delivers the most cost effective service with the maximum recycling taking place from each site. We offer a suite of reports that monitor all waste streams, volumes and recycling percentages for each individual site these can then be collated throughout the group.

Supporting your site.

To ensure the best practices are adhered to, for any new site, WMF ensure each site is contacted to discuss their current arrangements, cost and contractual obligations. This information will then be logged on our system and we will find and recommend the most cost effective alternative service to maximise recycling and keep costs to a minimum.

Once the new services have been implemented then regular customer care contact will be maintained with the site and a central telephone number will be marketed throughout the group for any queries they may have.

Our dedicated website is available to our clients where they will be able to view all the sites disposal details and reports on the waste leaving site and quantities for landfill and recycling.

Regular site visits will be maintained with the site managers and our area representatives.

For all our sites we ensure that annual Duty of Care documentation is kept up to date, on each sites behalf. Every site is notified of any new legislation that relates to waste and contacted if any necessary amendments need to be made to their service.

Where working partners are to be used for any services then WMF will appraise each partner accordingly, ensuring that the services they provide are legally compliant and recycling is taking place within their facilities.

Commercial Waste Management