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Rear End Loader

These containers are ideal for light compactible wastes for both industrial and commercial customers and are easy to load by hand.

Containers usually are fitted with lids to prevent waste escape and can be locked for security. An ideal option for collection and disposal for retail, office and industrial premises producing light compactable waste.

  Sizes Height Width Depth Equivalent *  
  10 Yard (7.65m³) 1500 mm 3840 mm 1810 mm 96  
  12 Yard (9.17m³) 1770 mm 3840 mm 1810 mm 115  
  14 Yard (10.70m³) 1850 mm 4150 mm 1810 mm 134  
  16 Yard (12.23m³) 1850 mm 4640 mm 1810 mm 153  
  4 Yard (3.06m³) 1250 mm 3250 mm 1810 mm 38  
  6 Yard (4.58m³) 1340 mm 3250 mm 1810 mm 57  
  8 Yard (6.12m³) 1410 mm 3250 mm 1810 mm 77  

Please note: These sizes are intended as a guide only. Please check that the size of container you order is suitable for the waste you intend to put in it. e.g. Some heavier waste types cannot be loaded into larger containers as they may overload vehicles, be dangerous or fail to comply with current legislation.

* Equivalent number (in whole bags) is based on a standard 80Ltr domestic refuse sack

Rear End Loader Waste Streams

These are the waste streams that this container is currently used for.

Some waste types may require special versions of the container and if you are in any doubt please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  Waste Stream  
  Cans - Aluminium    
  Mixed Municipal        
  Mixed Recycling      
  We aim to recycle 100% of this waste.  
  Savings can be made by segregating this waste. Call us for details.  
  Hazardous or contaminated waste may incur additional processing costs  

Please note: Any container received at the Waste Transfer Station found to be contaminated with hazardous material (e.g. paints, solvents, gypsum) or with mixed waste in a container ordered for segregated waste may incur charges after collection and inspection.