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Zero Waste to Landfill

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Waste Management Reporting.

Waste Management Facilities Ltd has invested in bespoke software that tackles all aspects of waste movements and measures the waste leaving each individual site.

The Waste Management Facilities software system offers a legally compliant Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) for any sites which may undergo building works with a value of over £300,000.00.

We record detailed information about every waste movement and have that information to hand. Clear and concise information about weights, recycling figures, times, dates and duty of care information is available at the click of a button.

Web enabled software.

Our web based software allows clients to access their information from anywhere by logging on from a PC or mobile device, enabling them to view waste movements and see accurate figures about waste streams leaving a site.

It’s easy to use, simple to understand and effortless to follow. The step by step system takes all the worry out of recording data and delivers an accurate SWMP at the end of any development.