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Waste Management Facilities is at the forefront of Waste Management in the UK.

We are the only waste management brokerage to offer a fully integrated, online, site waste management plan (SWMP). Our bespoke system has been developed to give our clients the most flexible and cost effective waste management option to remove their waste from their sites.

Clear and concise.

As you would expect WMF can take orders from site via telephone, fax or post but we also offer the option to order waste removal via our online ordering system. This enables our customers to order any waste removal at any time with a full audit trail. This ensures no ambiguity over when an order was placed or whether a fax was received.

As part of our drive to continually offer our clients the easiest way of having their waste removed from their sites, WMF have recently introduced our online ordering for hand help devices and smart phones. This means that our clients don’t even need to be sat in front of a computer to ensure that their orders are sent through. Anytime of day or night they can send through an order using our online system safe in the knowledge that it will get through, it will be actioned and the waste will be removed from site.

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