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Our proactive recycling strategy.

Waste Management Facilities our committed to the ensuring our clients achieve the highest level of recycling for all their waste.

Environmental Impacts are the buzzwords in the industry at the moment. Waste Management Facilities have been at the forefront of the drive to increase recycling rates for many years. We have developed our own plan to ensure our clients recycle as much of their waste as is possible.

Our commitment includes the use of our 6Rs system. This covers a simple to follow and easy to understand six point waste system to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Reclaim and Remove waste.

The simple six point waste system.

Simplicity itself! Reduce you waste; use fewer materials in the design and the manufacturing process. Keep up to date on the latest industry developments which are designed to reduce waste, both at the start of the process and throughout the life of each individual part of the contract or development.
Challenges the management team to identify what can be reused, repaired, refurbished or re-implemented as spares.
Actively driving the company to discover if and how waste can be turned in to new substances or products. What the cost benefits to the company are and how these methods can help reduce the company’s environmental footprint.
Looks at how raw materials and energy can be recovered from the waste a company produces. Whether that is via food waste from canteens being sent off for anaerobic digestion or waste being sent for incineration with energy recovery right through to gasification and pyrolysis which produce energy.
Embracing the opportunity for companies to reclaim material that they would normally view as waste. There is a healthy demand for a range of reclaimed materials from handmade bricks to oak panels, pine wood floors and sanitary ware. Whether a company is redeveloping its own offices or working on a demolition and rebuild; reclamations can be both a welcome revenue stream and a waste reduction technique as well.
The removal of waste. If all other options fail, waste has to be removed from site. But even this needs to be looked in to. A company needs to ensure the waste is dealt with responsibly. By identifying where the waste will be taken to a company can reduce the carbon footprint for the transport of the waste.

By following these six simple steps our customers not only fulfill their obligation to the Governments Waste Hierarchy but also identify cost savings and better environmental processes throughout their company’s’ business profile.

Our 6 'R' strategy