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Recycling Strategy

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Site Waste Management Plans.

Interactive Site Waste Management Plans.

At Waste Management Facilities we offer a fully interactive, online Site Waste Management Plan to all our Performance Partners. Called SWMPi our software enables you to manage all your, and your clients waste movements whilst producing a complete record of all those movements.

Our comprehensive system.

SWMP Interactive's comprehensive capabilities allow the user to manage all aspects of a company’s waste management requirements, including:

SWMP integration and production
Online Customer Ordering
Manage and Control Contractor Profiles
Report Integration

This level of control and reporting enables a company to take a calculated view of its waste strategy and provides a powerful management tool that can help in the planning, implementation of cost savings and best practices on any site.

SWMP only.

We can offer standalone Site Waste Management Plans via our SWMPo software product. Designed to allow any company to establish and run a Site Waste Management Plan SWMPo offers the following facilities.

Setting up the Responsibilities
Establishing your Minimising Waste Goals
Adding the sites Waste Management Options
Recording your Hazardous Waste details
Recording all On-site Training
Recording all Waste Movements
Reviewing the SWMP Progress

Please call us if you would like to talk about any aspect of Site Waste Management Plans, our software or our consulting services.

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