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About Us

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the waste industry, and we’re here to help our Clients control costs, understand and embrace new technologies and remain compliant.

Consultation & Strategic Planning:

If you have expertise in-house, we can work with your team to determine the right set of solutions to reduce waste, increase recycling and cut costs. If you don’t have internal waste management expertise, you can confidently outsource this activity to us while you focus on your core business.

A Tailored Solution:

Our waste management services are available either as part of a comprehensive service package, or as a menu of services which you can choose from based on the needs of your particular business and project.

Proven Experience:

One off exceptional requirements such as demolition site clearance or contaminated construction waste removal, can be easily resolved. With our extensive experience we will source proven contractors, with reliable equipment, to get the job done at the right time and the best price.

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Drop us a line or give us a call today for practical advice, an urgent job, or to book a strategic planning session.


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About us

Waste Management Facilities starts with your goals. From waste reduction and recycling to in-depth reporting and legal compliance, we create waste management solutions that benefit our clients and the environment.

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Waste Management Facilities Limited
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