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Waste Planning Portal

Our bespoke, cloud based site waste management portal (SWMPi) delivers visibility, insights and reports across multiple sites.

Our online site waste planning portal (SWMPi) gives you the tools to manage your own waste movements, efficiently, transparently and with detailed track records of all waste movements.

SWMPi provides:

  • Site Waste Management Plans integration and production
  • Online Customer Ordering
  • View and Download Performance Partner Information
  • Report Integration
  • Define Responsibilities
  • Establish Waste Reduction Goals
  • Add Waste Management Options
  • Record Hazardous Waste Details
  • Record On-Site Training
  • Record Waste Movements
  • Review SWMP Progress

This level of control and reporting enables our Clients to take a calculated view of their waste strategy and provides a powerful management tool that can help in planning, cost reductions and best practices on any site.

Get in touch today to hear more about our Site Waste Management Plans and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Waste Management Made Easy

online ordering

Fast Online Ordering

Our online site waste planning portal is a highly flexible and cost-effective waste management tool for all waste needs. Along with telephone and email, the system provides for 24/7 online ordering from a computer, smartphone or tablet - ensuring no ambiguity over when an order was placed or whether it was received.


In-Depth Reporting

Today it is more important than ever to have a full, detailed track record of each and every order placed, its status, waste level and much more. Our bespoke, cloud based solution provides our clients with an accessible reporting dashboard to provide instant access to key data at any time.

agile management

Agile Management

Whether you're running a one off site or an ongoing multi-site development, staying on top of your waste management is essential. SWMPi delivers an intuitive and easy-to-use management tool to monitor, measure and optimise every aspect of waste management.

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Waste Management Facilities starts with your goals. From waste reduction and recycling to in-depth reporting and legal compliance, we create waste management solutions that benefit our clients and the environment.

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