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Refurbishment & Shopfitting

Waste Management Facilities are at the forefront of the Refurbishment and Shopfitting Waste Management Sectors.

We cover all aspects of waste management from complete office building refits, refitting universities, refurbishing individual office floors to retail refits.

Our dedicated team will provide your business with a comprehensive waste solution to manage the waste generated from your refurbishment and shopfitting projects. We cover all aspects of Pre-Waste Audits and Post Waste Reports.

Every Option Covered

No two Refurbishment are ever the same however, our innovative Waste Removal approach ensures that whatever the requirements, we will supply the solution.


Key Services


Reuse and Reclamation

We work with a range of Reuse and Reclamation companies who re-use a variety of items from Refurbishment Projects. These include companies that collect carpet tiles, partitions, wood paneling and even kitchens. These items are then used in other projects making this an extremely cost-effective alternative as well as having environmental advantages.

Customer Support

Promoting Community Reintegration Projects

We work with a variety of companies, who promote a range of services, to allow waste furniture and items to be collected by charities and used in community halls. These halls are then used for reintegration programmes; working with individuals to carry out worthwhile tasks within the local community. These include ex-servicemen and women, those with learning difficulties, or who have completed their allotted sentences. These programmes develop both confidence and life skills to help with the next step forward into the community.


Out of Hours and Just In Time Options

We know the importance of timings in the Refurbishment Sectors. Our teams have dealt with every imaginable request for waste removal. We offer services tailor made around your individual requirements and have developed innovative waste removal solutions. Our experience coupled with a hands on approach gives you a service which is at the forefront of this highly specialised sector.

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About us

Waste Management Facilities starts with your goals. From waste reduction and recycling to in-depth reporting and legal compliance, we create waste management solutions that benefit our clients and the environment.

Head Office

Waste Management Facilities Limited
4 Stratfield Saye
20-22 Wellington Road

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