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We Know Waste

Our knowledgeable team offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of waste management challenges.

Our success has been built on years of effective waste management problem solving. In-depth industry knowledge has allowed us to produce a range of documentation to assist our clients and suppliers.

We produce step-by-step guides, training toolbox talks, our 6R Waste Management System and compliance procedures, such as risk assessments and method statements.

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We offer a full range of Balers together with large and small compactors.

Our Balers and compactors offer a high compaction ratio whilst using the minimum of space. This can deliver considerable cost savings to sites as well as reducing the amount of journeys necessary to remove waste. We not only offer Balers and compactors for the usual waste streams such as paper, cardboard and aluminium but we can also supply them for oil filters, drums, glass bottles, PET and plastic bottles.



We offer a full confidential waste removal service, from confidential document and data shredding to data and certificate destruction.

Aimed primarily at confidential document destruction, our process enables sesnsitive documents to be recycled in a fully compliant and legal manner; delivering complete peace of mind at an affordable price.



We offer a range of portable chemical toilets to our range of equipment.

They have proven to be a great success and are available throughout the UK for private use, construction sites and events. Our toilets offer hand-washing facilities with hot and cold water and do not require a mains water supply; they are fully cleaned on a weekly basis or more frequently if you wish. Toilet rolls are supplied on delivery and restocked when units are cleaned.


Onsite Training & Toolbox Talks

We are acutely aware that training is essential for the reduction of accident/incident rates. Working with waste can be a dangerous activity on any site.

Our Toolbox Talks create an increased awareness of workplace hazards with regards to waste management, and the precautions to be taken to eliminate or minimise such hazards.

Complete training

Our trained staff deliver Toolbox Talks suitable for all on-site staff involved in waste management. This includes site agents and managers as well as tradesmen and labourers.

It is vitally important to us that our clients understand how waste must be handled on site. Not only will this help them keep safe on site but will also help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and therefore reduce environmental impact as well.

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About us

Waste Management Facilities starts with your goals. From waste reduction and recycling to in-depth reporting and legal compliance, we create waste management solutions that benefit our clients and the environment.

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